Paulette Grant - (Owner)

Behind Joy 'N' Janine is a Mom who is very passionate about the things that makes her heart skip a beat. 

In this case, it will have to be my weakness for journals, notebooks and stationery paper items. 

There is something really special about paper goods; the feel of it as I hold it in my hands, and the feel of the pages as I write in it. 

Whether I am making my to do lists in my jotter or writing special memories in my journal, I find having important and special words written down in a keepsake book impacts my well-being which I feel attributes to my personal and positive growth. I gravitate to the cover texture, the beautiful colours, and the typography. Inspirational wording or quotes will all attract me down the aisle to wanting it, even though I may not necessarily need to buy it, so now...I make them! And I want to share that with you. 


My Wish

For myself, each book has a special relationship with different pens and the pens all have different relationships with the type of paper. I find that they make their connection in their own special way, helping my thoughts to flow like a butterfly in the breeze. With the birth of my business in 2016, my product line up now includes soft cover handmade notebooks and notepads, note-cards and envelope sets. As of 2022 it also includes The Simplicity Planner.

My wish for all my customers is for them to find their own connection with my handcrafted items with simplicity & joy.


This is Joy 'N' Janine

Joy 'N' Janine was formed with my 2 young daughters in mind. They are a significant part of who I am, and I want them to always be on this journey with me.  They enjoy watching the process of my products being made and have made it their point to give me feedback with the end result being the Joy 'N' Janine seal of approval.